The French Market West’s cuisine is unlike any other you’ll experience in Augusta. We work hard to differentiate ourselves from other restaurants because we want your experience to be exemplary and unique.

Your experience begins with our recipes. They’re based on time-honored Cajun and Creole family instructions and tweaked by our Executive Chef, Jim Beck, to give them an inventive, contemporary, and upscale presentation.

The freshest seafood and ingredients are crucial components of our dishes. For instance, we never used canned food, and we make everything from scratch. Taste our commitment to freshness in our crawfish, shrimp, soft-shell crab, and oysters. Notice our from-scratch goodness in those deep, rich Cajun and Creole flavors found in our Crawfish Etoufée and our Barbequed Shrimp. See our passion in every presentation like our Fish D’Anouy and Seafood Pasta. To taste perfection, try our signature Red Beans & Rice and our Turtle Pie. Enjoy the freshest, blackened Fish of the Day, caught just hours earlier and flown in just for you.

We offer specials not found on our everyday menu. And if there’s something you want that you’ve tried in the past but isn’t on the menu, just ask and we’ll try to make something special for you!

Whatever you’re in the mood for, we have just the right something to tingle your palette.